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UK and Russia Vow to Improve Relations

LONDON — Theresa May and Vladamir Putin have expressed a need to improve UK-Russian relations, Kremlin officials have said. The discussion, which was instigated by the British via a phone call, is the first between the United Kingdom and Russia since Theresa May became Prime Minister.


UK: MPs vote to renew Trident nuclear programme

WESTMINSTER, UK —  On June 20th, lawmakers in the House of Commons have voted to renew the United Kingdom’s nuclear defence programme – Trident, at an apparent cost of £31 billion, according to government predictions.

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Theresa May’s new cabinet: Brexit, equality and the economy

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May’s cabinet shake-up has been named one of the most brutal in recent history. David Cameron’s right-hand man and former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne apparently left No.11 Downing Street by the back door after being sacked by Theresa May yesterday morning. Following Osborne was David Cameron’s Education Secretary, Nicky …

UK: David Cameron enters final day as PM

Following the dropping out of Andrea Leadsom from the Conservative Party leadership contest, Theresa May will be appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Wednesday following David Cameron’s resignation last month.


Tory Leadership: Leadsom quits

Westminster, UK — Andrea Leadsom has pulled out of the Conservative leadership contest following a weekend of close scrutiny and criticism.

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