Taliban Shura select New Chief

Taliban Supreme Council (Shura) has selected Maulavi Haibatullah Akhwand as new Taliban emir following the death of Mullah Akhtar Mansour in a US drone strike in Pakistan .


Blast at Somali airport kills four, injures three

SOMALIA, Jowhar (ArmedPolitics) – At least four people have been confirmed dead and three others wounded in a bomb explosion at an airport in Jowhar, located 90 kilometers (55 miles) north west of Somali capital, Mogadishu on Sunday.


At least 10 killed, scores wounded in heavy fighting in Somalia

Clan Fighting rages on for the third day in Beledweyne, Somalia (File Photo)

BELEDWEYNE, Somalia (ArmedPolitics) — At least ten people have been killed and scores wounded, among them unarmed civilians, in clan fighting that continues for a third consecutive day, according to authorities.