Serbian Municipal Police

Serbian Municipal Police: For or Against the Citizens?

Physical altercations with citizens due to illegal street sales, or the lack of “BusPlus” tickets for the public transport, arresting activists, and preventing news crews from doing their jobs are just some of the examples being brought to light after the public was asked whether the Serbian Municipal police is using excessive force, even when …


4 police personnel killed in Balochistan

QUETTA,  Pakistan — Gunmen firing on police killed four officers in two separate attacks in the city, the banned religious organization Tehreek e Taliban claimed responsibility of the attack.

In the first attack, two policemen named Faizullah Khajjak and Naeem Akhtar were targeted on Sariab road when they were arriving in the city. In a second attack …


Air strikes and operations on IS and Taliban kill 18 and wounded 22 others

QUETTA, Pakistan — An Afghan National Security Forces joint operation killed at least 18 and wounded 22 others in the Nangarhar province, located in eastern Afghanistan.

“…18 terrorist Daesh militants were killed, and 22 other terrorist Daesh militants were wounded in a recent airstrike in the Kot District of the eastern Nangarhar province”, cites the statement …


He was a cop, an honest one besides…

On August 4 2015 the President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko signed the Law on the police in Ukraine. However, it’s been a month since the new police appeared and worked in Kiev. The President Poroshenko, the Minister of MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and another political beau monde didn’t dole out praise first of all …


Police officer about the War

Interview with Vadik, 39. Director of operations of cases of particular importance of the Administration of organized crime control. Department of Terrorism and extremism control. (in Russian)