Ivica Dacic - Serbia and Croatia Declaration on improving relations

Dacic : Serbia and Croatia are ready to resolve mutual issues

BELGRADE, Serbia — “After a long time in Serbia and Croatia, a concrete political will to initiate and intensify dialogue has been accumulated,” says minister of foreign affairs, Ivica Dacic. At the marking of the anniversary of the founding of the Democratic Alliance of Croats in Vojvodina, Ivica Dacic, where he was with the head of …


Serbian PM lashed out at Croatia over EU accession blockade

Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, while commenting on the upcoming Balkan Summit in Paris, said that he expects that Croatia will repeat their reasons for blocking Serbia’s EU accession talks. “But tomorrow – Croatia will get clear answers from Serbia”, Vučić added.

EU / Serbia

Serbia blocked from opening a chapter by Croatia and UK

Yesterday, a meeting on the Serbian negotiations under Netherlands’ presidency held by the EU Working group was ended without support from Croatia and the UK for Serbia to open Chapter 23. A Croatian representative withheld his support due to “substantial reasons”, while the UK representative cited “technical reasons”.


Non-EU states in the Balkans shocked by Brexit

Officials of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia have voiced their shock and concern after Brexit results, however, these countries repeated their firm determination to join EU.