Wanted Journalist Arrested at the Airport

Ahmed Salkida, a journalist who shared Boko Haram’s recent video, was arrested on the evening of Monday, September 5th, upon arrival at Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport in Abuja, the country’s political capital.


Boko Haram IED Experts Apprehended in Nigeria

LAGOS, Nigeria — One of Nigeria’s intelligence-gathering agencies, the Department of State Services (DSS), announced the apprehension of two Boko Haram members on Sunday. Boko Haram: the marauding sect terrorizing northern Nigeria since launching an Islamization agenda against the state half a decade ago.

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Nigerian military: A major victim of corruption

A comment by Adedayo Osho

In the fields of Sociology & Anthropology, if one is to consider any public official likely guilty or not guilty of specific crime charges, an excursion into the individual’s social background is imperative. Historians would rather focus on the decisions made by previous leaders during their occupation of various offices. Oppositely, …

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Redefining politics of corruption in Nigeria

Adedayo Osho comments on the fight against corruption in Nigeria, politics and the ideal of a corruption free society.

With the deepening anti-corruption crusade in full swing, huge sums of money have been recovered from high-ranking members of the previous government.