Croatia / Serbia

Tensions Rise between Croatia and Serbia over the Stepinac Case

BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbia sent an official objection to the annulment of the 1946 conviction of Catholic archbishop Alojzije Stepinac, claiming the Court’s decision is an attempt to rehabilitate fascism and the Independent State of Croatia (NDH).

Yesterday, July 27, Croatian Foreign Minister Miro Kovač …


The fifth protest against illegal demolitions in Belgrade

“Let’s not drown Belgrade”, the civil movement whose aim is to call for responsibility from the city and state authorities for the April 24 illegal demolitions of buildings in the Savamala quarter of Belgrade, held it’s fifth protest yesterday.


25,000 protesters on the streets of Belgrade

Last night, over 25,000 protesters gathered in the streets of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. During the fourth protest of last two months, protesters repeated their demands for the resignation of the senior Belgrade officials who are being accused of indifference towards the “illegal demolition” of several buildings on the night of April 25.