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Indian army launches attack in Pakistan controlled Kashmir

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The Indian Army launched an attack on the Line of Control in the Pakistan held Kashmir (at 2:30am) killing at least two army personnel.

The Indian army has stated the attack was a “surgical” strike against militants who were planning to launch attacks across India. And the Pakistani military officials have condemned the …


Nnamdi Kanu: Biafra’s Man of the Moment

ABUJA, Nigeria — The leader of a separatist movement called the Independent People of Biafra IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, held a press briefing on Friday, August 12 2016 to declare his intention of opening up negotiations.


Dhaka: Islamic State claims deaths of 20 foreign hostages

Armed men killed 20 hostages in a café in Dhaka; the deaths of the hostages was confirmed by a Bangladesh army official in his briefing to the media. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, and released photos of the executed bodies inside the restaurant through social media.

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Nigerian military: A major victim of corruption

A comment by Adedayo Osho

In the fields of Sociology & Anthropology, if one is to consider any public official likely guilty or not guilty of specific crime charges, an excursion into the individual’s social background is imperative. Historians would rather focus on the decisions made by previous leaders during their occupation of various offices. Oppositely, …