Afghanistan: 61 Killed, 207 Wounded in Kabul Suicide Blasts 

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — The demonstration held in the Dhemazang area of Kabul was targeted by two suicide bombers, killing 61 and wounding more than 207 in Afghanistan, with the government officials confirming the death toll, ToloNews quoted. The attack is claimed by the Islamic State, in a statement released by the Amaq News Agency [mostly …


NATO resolves to support Afghanistan

The Warsaw Summit, held by NATO ally countries, decided to keep supporting Afghanistan for long-term security and stability.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, were part of the summit; “Leaders from Resolute Support partner countries at the Warsaw Summit have reaffirmed their commitment to the long-term security and stability of Afghanistan”, said the …


22 killed in separate bomb blasts in Afghanistan

A bomb blast targeting a minibus killed 14 Nepalese security contractors in Kabul the Afghan capital. The blast wounded at least eight others including Afghan civilians. The security personnel were working in the Canadian embassy in Afghanistan.

Hours later another blast killed eight civilians and wounded at least 18 others in the northern Badakhshan province, when …