Right Sector starts taking prisoners

Oleksandr Danyulyuk (SBU) says the military wing of Right Sector (PS) has imprisoned four medical volunteers (of Ukrainian forces). The volunteers are suspected to be held in Velykomykhailivka, at the headquarters of PS. (


Odessa Self-Defense, we’re in the army now…

On April 16 and a TV crew of Kanal 7 attended a military training of ‘Odessa Self-Defense’. Firstly, this post is about observations during military exercises. Secondly, we had the opportunity to see how Ukrainian news are produced… and became finally a part of it.


Sloviansk, psychological warfare and its effects

Sloviansk (Slavyansk) is a city in the Donetsk Oblast, in 25 km distance to the area hold by separatists (DNR, ATO zone). As a transport hub (including the highway to Mariupol) and administrative center the city is of strategic importance.


Bessarabia, another (rather sloppy) attempt of separatism in Odessa?

Bessarabia is a historical region, a former puffer zone of the Russian, Austrian and Ottoman empires. It’s boundaries lay mainly in today’s Moldavia (including Transnistria) and to a smaller part in the south of Ukraine (see Wikipedia). There are attempts to revitalize Bessarabia, rather for political reasons than out of nostalgia.

Russia / Ukraine

Ukraine war games

Stratfor recently simulated scenarios of military offensives of the Russian Federation (RF) in Ukraine. Results, numbers and notes.