BREAKING: Several explosions heard in Somali capital

SOMALIA, Mogadishu — Several loud explosions were heard in parts of Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu on Tuesday evening, eyewitnesses and police said.

Capt Hussein Mohamed, a senior Somali police officer said five mortar shells hit the coastal, conflict-riddled capital of the horn of Africa country.

Mohamed added that some of …


New militant group, Niger Delta Avengers turn down dialogue with government

NIGERIA, Warri – Mainly composed of former Amnesty beneficiaries and with strongholds in creeks, in the southern part of the country, Niger Delta Avengers has been responsible for recent attacks on oil facilities in the region. The group’s position is hinged on a perceived marginalisation by the incumbent administration.


Maduro stated that recall referendum will maybe happen next year

As the local Venezuelan, as well as other world media reported, Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan president  has once again pushed back the increasing opposition pressure against him and their attempts for a vote in 2016. He has stated that the earliest possibility of a potential recall referendum against his presidential mandate might happen next year.


Pro-government groups attacked Venezuelan opposition leaders

On Thursday, while they were trying to enter the electoral board headquarters, the Venezuelan opposition lawmakers were attacked. They claim that their attackers were members of the pro-government group known as “Colectivos”. Members of the opposition were on their way to call for a recall referendum against the President Nicolás Maduro.


Government reveals POLICHACAO’s US embassy links and US police training

During the POLICHACAO’s (Chacao’s opposition-controlled municipal police force) three month probe phase, President Nicolás Maduro presented to public, evidence of US Embassy involvement and training of the POLICHACAO officers in the US, with US police forces. Furthermore, Chacao’s police forces allegedly trained with Israeli forces as well, as the Venezuelan newspaper Últimas Noticias published last week.