Serbian Municipal Police

Serbian Municipal Police: For or Against the Citizens?

Physical altercations with citizens due to illegal street sales, or the lack of “BusPlus” tickets for the public transport, arresting activists, and preventing news crews from doing their jobs are just some of the examples being brought to light after the public was asked whether the Serbian Municipal police is using excessive force, even when …

Israel / Palestine

Over 400 Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike in Protest of Detention Policies

A hunger strike including over 400 Palestinian prisoners in Israel began this week in protest of Israeli’s arbitrary detention policies. The numbers continue to rise after the originally reported 80 Palestinian prisoners began their hunger strikes in the beginning of July. The detainees state that Israeli authorities have been conducting “humiliating” searches against them in …

By (VOA/Nicolas Pinault)
Comment / Nigeria

Nigerian Soldiers Attacked During Operations in North-Central Niger State

Comment by Adedayo Osho

There has been recent reports of midnight robberies by armed men along the Bida-Minna Road in Niger, a state in the North Central part of Nigeria. The intense activities of these armed robbers has seen influx of kidnappers and assassins in the neighboring Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.


At Least 18 People Killed in a Heavy Storm in Macedonia

A heavy rain storm that started on Saturday, August 6, in Macedonia has caused the deaths of at least 18 people, with six people still considered to be missing, police confirmed.


Turkey Prepares for the Largest Pro-Democracy Rally Yet

A rally organized by the Turkish ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), and supported by two opposition parties, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), will be held tomorrow, August 7, in the Yenkapy square of Istanbul.