Death toll in Ukraine, notes and calculations

On Feb 8 the German FAZ reported that the actual death toll of the conflict in Ukraine is ten times higher than the official figures suggest. According to their sources (‘Sicherheitskreise’ – military / intelligence) 50’000 fighters and civilians have died since April 2014. The UN estimates 5’358 casualties, Poroshenko recently said that …

EU / Russia

EU Diplomats on Gas Talks

On Nov 9 Reuters published an article quoting senior EU officials involved in gas negotiations. The bottom line: It’s worse than expected.


Ukraine, Gas, Bubbles and Geopolitics

Elections in Ukraine are over, old problems start hurting again. The optimistic bubble blown up during election campaign bursts. And the public goes back to normal, defining its role in a armed society.


Around USD 25 for a Vote

Ukraine’s voters are going to elect a new parliament on October 26th. It is one of the most corrupt countries and this election might become one of the most corrupt ever, additionally it takes place in a contentious environment due to the current conflict. So it’s worth having a closer look at it. This post …


Peace and its Problems

The conflict with eastern separatists and the Russian threat reduces the rivalries inside the Ukrainian elite – first things first. That’s why there is some risk in too much peace.