Mutiny of UAF soldiers is about to happen

All of us have already heard about the problems which the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (UAF) run into. This time the UAF headquarters «brought up» a new topic for discussion, or condemnation, to put it more precisely. As the war correspondent Roman Bochkala became aware, the soldiers of the 17th …

Russia / Ukraine

Crimean paradise

A friend of mine (a Crimean migrant) who currently lives on the territory of Ukraine, told the story of his mother-in-law who got a ‘present’ from Russia in the form of Toyota Corolla car at the cost of USD 23’000.

Russia / Ukraine

Complete Novaya Gazeta interview in English – two Russians in Ukraine

On May 16 two Russians were captured on Ukrainian held territory (see here for a summary). Aleksandr Aleksandrov and Evgeniy Erofeyev (or Yevgeny Yerofeyev). The Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta published interviews with them on May 22 (Novaya Gazeta, May 22). The following is a complete translation of these interviews. Interviewer was Pavel Kanygin.