Oxfam Criticizes UK Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia

LONDON — Oxfam have criticized the UK government after an agreement was made with the Saudi Arabian government to sell the country arms. The aid agency has said that arms could used to back the Yemeni government in its ongoing civil war.


“Oversensitivity” Causes Election Fraud Says UK Report

LONDON — Election fraud in the UK  is overlooked by “oversensitivity about ethnicity and religion,” says a report that was published today, August 12, by former Communities Secretary, Sir Eric Pickles. The report was commissioned in 2015 by former Prime Minister, David Cameron, following the Tower Hamlets election fraud scandal of the same year.

Russia / UK

UK and Russia Vow to Improve Relations

LONDON — Theresa May and Vladamir Putin have expressed a need to improve UK-Russian relations, Kremlin officials have said. The discussion, which was instigated by the British via a phone call, is the first between the United Kingdom and Russia since Theresa May became Prime Minister.


UK: MPs vote to renew Trident nuclear programme

WESTMINSTER, UK —  On June 20th, lawmakers in the House of Commons have voted to renew the United Kingdom’s nuclear defence programme – Trident, at an apparent cost of £31 billion, according to government predictions.