Russia / Ukraine

Complete Novaya Gazeta interview in English – two Russians in Ukraine

On May 16 two Russians were captured on Ukrainian held territory (see here for a summary). Aleksandr Aleksandrov and Evgeniy Erofeyev (or Yevgeny Yerofeyev). The Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta published interviews with them on May 22 (Novaya Gazeta, May 22). The following is a complete translation of these interviews. Interviewer was Pavel Kanygin.

Russia / Ukraine

Ukraine war games

Stratfor recently simulated scenarios of military offensives of the Russian Federation (RF) in Ukraine. Results, numbers and notes.

Russia / Ukraine

Debaltseve, captured while ceasefire

Debaltseve connects the railways between Donetsk-Luhansk and to the east. Controlling Debaltseve would allow Russian backed militias faster transportation (troops, equipment, coal), therefore it is the key for territorial and economic consolidation of DNR/LNR.

EU / Russia

EU Diplomats on Gas Talks

On Nov 9 Reuters published an article quoting senior EU officials involved in gas negotiations. The bottom line: It’s worse than expected.

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