Russia / UK

UK and Russia Vow to Improve Relations

LONDON — Theresa May and Vladamir Putin have expressed a need to improve UK-Russian relations, Kremlin officials have said. The discussion, which was instigated by the British via a phone call, is the first between the United Kingdom and Russia since Theresa May became Prime Minister.

Russia / Turkey

Putin and Erdogan will meet after 7 months of tensions

Two days ago, sources close to the office of Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent a letter of apology to Putin for the downing of a Russian fighter jet on November 24 2015.  Today, the two presidents spoke on the phone in an attempt to renew bilateral relations.


Diplomats: NATO going to invite Montenegro to join the alliance

NATO is going invite Montenegro to join the alliance on Dec 1st. This reports the German newspaper ‘Die Welt’, citing high ranking NATO diplomats. Moscow has informed several NATO members that such a step would lead to a further deterioration of the relations between Russia and the military alliance.

Russia / Ukraine

Crimean paradise

A friend of mine (a Crimean migrant) who currently lives on the territory of Ukraine, told the story of his mother-in-law who got a ‘present’ from Russia in the form of Toyota Corolla car at the cost of USD 23’000.

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