ArmedPolitics provides security related news from regions across the globe facing armed conflicts, political violence, and institutional crises. In addition to the news reports, our briefings allow a more in-depth view on these regions, and the ripple-effects caused by the controversies.

Individual citizens and their opinions are presented in the interview and the commentary sections; we aim to explain situations from real-life perspectives in areas of instability and unrest, and present them to a global audience.

Our team reports on events that have a direct impact on civilian security and social stability. Analytical pieces help to broaden the general understanding of these events, and give new inputs to the public.

Facts are definitive, and always kept separate from conclusions and opinions, either within the articles or by categories. Our team members represent a wide range of different backgrounds, experiences, and locations, as well as an array of varying circumstances from under which they report. In addition, ArmedPolitics presents a high diversity of topics and formats.

ArmedPolitics’ virtual headquarters and servers are based in Switzerland.

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  1. Great i liked the page and it is one of my favorite pages that i visit once or twice a week if not daily to be connected and updated globally but seemes less reported about somalia context especially south central part of Somalia.

    Iam Somali by Nationality based in Kismaayo town


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