Darth Vader on potatoes, the Internet and other things of his universe

Not only Mikheil Saakashvili takes care of the beach area in Odessa. On July 21, Darth Vader (IPU, Internet Party of Ukraine) showed up at the coastline. Local media and this blog were supposed to conduct an interview the Supreme Commander. Kind of fun.

Darth was late. After he arrived, he started talking about Luke, the importance of potatoes because of the high quantity of vitamin C and things like that.


Darth Vader , joke or technical candidate

The interview took place in the shadow of the Cemetery of Honor. A symbolic place. A representative of armedpolitics.com was standing in the sunlight, trying to get answers about the financing and policy of his campaign or questions on Odessa politics. Darth used the opportunity to talk about the various things of his universe and his troops. When asked about Bitcoin as alternative currency in Ukraine, it became clear that he is not familiar with the digital currency. Local media used the opportunity to do some recordings.

It was great fun, but also hot day. The man under the costume of Darth Vader had the hardest job this afternoon. To some degree this might explain the low relevance of the statements made. Maybe showing up is the statement itself. I was able to see the sweat running down the face of the man behind the mask. He is human, no doubt.

… finally found a space for parking his car

Darth Vader’s Image, program and policy is related to Star Wars from George Lucas or the Internet. Therefore he is considered as joke or technical candidate. None of these assumptions can be rejected. IPUĀ  (see Wiki) was founded in Odessa some years ago. The party has a small electoral base (see here for results of parliamentary elections 2014), the Darth Vader campaign seems to target the young and urban population and maybe those who lost any hope in the political system. Probably it’s a combination of both. The figure known as Darth Vader serves as the party’s ‘Supreme Commander’. The well produced campaign suggest a serious financing.