Right Sector vs LGBT community

If you come to passers-by on the streets of any Ukrainian city and ask what unites the pro-Putin Russians and the political movement «Pravyi Sektor» (Right Sector), I think not many people will answer this question. Nevertheless, there is something that they have in common! It’s intolerance to the LGBT community. (на русском)

Pravyi Sektor(Roght Sector) flag. Euromaidan, Kyiv, Ukraine. Events of February 22, 2014.

Pravyi Sektor (Right Sector) flag

«We have a front within the country»

I started to write this article on the 1st of June when in the Internet mass media the first news appeared: «Pravyi Sektor» fighters are ready not to allow the «Equality March» announced by LGBT activists. Here is one of the quotes of their addressing dated 1st June:

«The volunteer Ukrainian Corps of «Pravyi Sektor» was created for armed protection from Moscow aggression. Nevertheless, other than front in the East, we have a front within the country. On that front we are fighting against Moscow agents as well as against several phenomena harmful to society: drug trafic, illegal gambling business, corruption. Sexual perversions propaganda isn’t an exception, they need to be cured, not popularized». (ukr-online.com)

In addition «Pravyi Sektor» called upon «Azov» fighters and other volunteers to join the protest and set out as one front.

As the March itself was planned by organizators to take place on June 6, and one needs to think of information in Ukrainian mass media carefully, I decided to wait and see how the further events would develop.

Dimitriy Yarosh

Dimitriy Yarosh

«Sexual perversions and destruction of family»

No one actually had touched upon this problem till June 4 when the text devoted to the approaching event appeared on the official Facebook page of Dmitriy Yarosh (leader of «Pravyi Sektor»).

In that text in particular Dmitriy Yarosh for the first time appeared before citizens not in romantic halo of a liberator hero, but first of all as a leader of nationalistic movement.

In his «message» he points out clearly that his organization intends to fight against those people who «impose the ideology of sexual perversions and destruction of family as institution», and this is first of all, in Yarosh’s opinion, on behalf of France and Germany, which support Russia.

Dmitriy Yarosh is sure that LGBT community, positioning itself as protectors of «innocent victims», is in reality nothing but an organization with extremely aggressive ideology which doesn’t allow dissent. In fact, as Yarosh claims, the West puts a serious pressure upon Kiev authorities so that they inculcate more actively the LGBT ideology as a part of European integration.

After that phrase Yarosh asks: “Why do we need such Europe?” We are fighting against Moscow and… gays?! (It’s necessary to say that many Ukrainian citizens didn’t know that war was being waged also against homosexuals).


So the events on July 6…

A small group of LGBT activists (more than 300 participants), having informed the authorities in advance, organized a march in Kiev at the Obolon quay. The organizers of March hadn’t revealed the place where they were going to carry out the measure till Saturday, being afraid of attack of «Pravyi Sector» fighters and people who share their views. The March itself didn’t last long, as activists were stopped by the militia after several hundreds meters for reasons of safety.

After the beginning of procession dozens of people in masks pelted the participants of March with pyrotechnics and tried to break through the line of militia workers. As a result, 5 militia workers (one got a heavy wound) and dozens of March participants were wounded. More than 20 attackers were detained, among them where representatives of «Pravyi Sektor».



There was no reaction of Dmitriy Yarosh after these events, but his supporters reminded of themselves on one of their websites.

Of course they were talking there about the “heroic” victory over the Western ideology and “outcasts” of Ukrainian society.

Does Dmitriy Yarosh realize that after publishing his text on Facebook he reminds of Putin? The latter also cares in his speeches about nation’s morality, at the same time he permits violence as a purification method. Yarosh as a movement leader, who is prompting his people to fighting against dissent, has to carry responsibility as it is accepted in civilized society. Furthermore, among the activists of March there were people who also, just as him, were on barricades of the Maidan.