Mutiny of UAF soldiers is about to happen

All of us have already heard about the problems which the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (UAF) run into. This time the UAF headquarters «brought up» a new topic for discussion, or condemnation, to put it more precisely. As the war correspondent Roman Bochkala became aware, the soldiers of the 17th armoured brigade were settled in a cow-house and deprived of their allowances. (post in Russian)


Photo: Roman Bochkala / Facebook

Soldiers of the 2nd battalion who have been on the front line for about 7 months (Luganskaya stanitsa) are transferred into another UAF subunit. At the same time they were deprived of their allowances too early, and the fact that they were in the ATO wasn’t mentioned in documents. According to the journalist’s report, an insignificant number of soldiers who had some money asked natives for passing the night at their homes, others had to stay the night in a cow-house. All of this happened because of criminal negligence and irresponsibility of the officials in the UAF headquarters. The point is that these soldiers were supposed to be relocated to another UAF subunit, new brigade at the same time wasn’t ready to accept them, the soldiers had already been deprived of allowances, in fact being stricken off the list of the UAF servicemen. Now the soldiers aren’t registered anywhere!

Two companies are ready to mutiny and refuse to leave for a new duty station until they get corresponding documents which confirm their service in the ATO zone.

According to the battalion second-in-command, the situation is difficult, and he understands the position of men. They don’t deserve such a vile attitude. These guys are being at war for a long period, and they rely on the fact that there are responsible people in the headquarters whose duties are to see to it that documents are normal, there is sufficient food coming in time and that soldiers don’t live in a building designed for cattle. In addition this operation has been prepared for more than a month! And that’s how it has ended.

(update: Roman Bochklava writes on Facebook that the issue with the 17th brigade was resolved, UTC 16:00)