Right Sector starts taking prisoners

Oleksandr Danyulyuk (SBU) says the military wing of Right Sector (PS) has imprisoned four medical volunteers (of Ukrainian forces). The volunteers are suspected to be held in Velykomykhailivka, at the headquarters of PS. (hvylya.net)

“According to our information, they have witnessed the illegal activities of the representatives of Right Sector and this is how they being forced to abandon further statements and the disclosure of this information … If guys [medical volunteers] will not be released until the morning, we will have a very hard respond to it. We can have private armies , but private prisons in Ukraine, no way.” (Danyulyuk, May 1)

Danyulyuk posts today (May 2) that one of the medical volunteers was released. He is skeptical over further developments. “Again, note that I did everything possible to resolve the incident in secrecy.”

SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) is the second Ukrainian government institution having problems to deal with PS this week. In the night from April 28 to 29, units of Ukrainian Army encircled the headquarters of PS. Check points were set up and cars checked. Parallel to this there were negotiations on the integration of the military wing of PS into Ukrainian army. Additionally, activists of PS rallied in Kiev against the government and its actions against PS. Today (May 2), the check points were removed.

Right Sector is a political party in Ukraine with a small electoral base. It’s a closed and tight organization, with Dmytro Yarosh as leading figure. Young and active members and the ability to mobilize them compensates the small size. Its military wing (volunteer battalion) operates at the frontline and is obviously involved in fighting since April.