Kabul: 24 Killed and 80 Wounded in Taliban Twin Bombing

KABUL, Afghanistan — A suicide bomber hit the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan, killing 24 and wounding 80 others; the twin bombing took place when the employees and officials of the ministry were leaving.

The attacks took place today, September 5th, at around 4 PM local time in a very busy area, surrounded by public and government offices.

Ambulances seen on the site of Kabul Attack [Photo from Tolo News Potage]

Ambulances seen on the site of Kabul Attack [screenshot Tolo News]

The ministry of health spokesperson has said that the number of dead may rise. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has condemned the attack in his statement from the  presidential office: “By carrying out the attacks, they [Taliban] showed once again that they are the enemies of progress and development of our beloved country.”

He continued to say that terrorist groups attempt to reach their ominous goals by spreading fear and carrying out terrorist attacks; “The enemies of Afghanistan have lost their ability to fight Security and Defense Forces of the country, and thus attack highways, cities, mosques, schools and common people.”

A citizen and eye witness of the attack, Jamshed, told ArmedPolitics from the site of the attack: “Luckily, I was late. This is my regular route, and I it missed narrowly.” The attack was during the rush hours of offices when people were leaving for their homes, he said.

An Afghan Taliban spokesman has claimed the Kabul attack; Zabihullah Mujahid has said that at first was a blast, then one of their suicide bombers attacked the site in a twin blast. “The attack took place when the defense ministry officials and employees were leaving through the gate.”

An Italian hospital in Kabul has confirmed through their twitter account that they had received 21 wounded, and four of them had already died before reaching the hospital.

Taliban attacks have risen across the country at a time when they [Taliban] complain about the “in-humane bombardment” of the coalition forces supporting Afghan forces through aerial support; the last attack was on the American University in Kabul, that resulted in the killing of 13 individuals, and the wounding of scores of others in the attack.

Malik Achakzai


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