Two Million Sanitary Pads Produced by Worker-Occupied Kimberly-Clark Factory

The recently nationalized, and now worker-occupied Kimberly-Clark factory in Venezuela has managed to produce more than 2 million sanitary pads, Venezuela Analysis reported, citing the government sources. 

Worker Occupied Kimberly-Clark Factory Achieved Amazing Results

Image via wikimedia

In July, without any previous announcement, the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, who is based in Texas, decided to close down their Venezuelan based factory. This resulted in almost 1000 workers being left without a job.

Sparked by this closure, and after the request of the workers from the factory, the Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro had decided to allow them to take over the factory, promising that the state will invest $22 million for the restart of the production.

Worker Occupied Kimberly-Clark Factory – Results After a Month

As Venezuela Analysis reports, only one month after the takeover, the factory has a different name: “Industry Gran Cacique Maracay”. This government-owned factory has added 4 new production lines, and when the factory is working at full capacity, it is capable of producing enough toilet paper, sanitary pads, diapers, and other needed personal-care products to cover 20% of the national demand.

The products that come out of the factory will be shipped to All Venezuela’s new Sovereign Supply Mission. Through CLAPs (the Local Production and Distribution Committees), the products will afterwards be distributed to communities.

During an inspection of the plant, Tarek El Aissami, the Governor of Aragua, had stated that the Venezuelan government’s adult education services have been up and running within the factory.

“In only one month after the takeover, we have reopened the cafeteria service, did health workshops, as well as opened classrooms for Mission Sucre, Mission Ribas Productive, and Mission Ribas,”  reported Venezuela Analysis, citing the Governor.

The government had also arranged for the workers to have free transportation to and from work, with four buses from the state transportation network; the buses are expected to arrive in the following couple of weeks.


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