Poroshenko’s declaration of income, figures

The Ukrainian President Poroshenko issued his declaration of income. Feel free to have a look at the figures.

According to the publication, the President’s income was USD 15.5 millions in 2014 (converted into USD, all figures rounded), mainly in form of dividends and interests. He paid USD 750’000 taxes while having USD 19 millions on his bank accounts. In the same period his family’s income was USD 1’500.

As in the press statement explained: “While Ukrainian banks suffer from the outflow of deposits, the President considers it very important to keep his deposits in the national banking system.” USD 5.2 millions were donated for charity (including his salary). Additionally the President paid expenses, related to his duty out of his pocket, such as fuel costs for the trips to Singapore or Australia.

His press secretary is quoted on the President’s website: “Year by year, Petro Poroshenko demonstrates honesty, transparency and compliance with law when declaring his income. That is why, the information has been provided even for some items not included in the declaration.”

Based on these figures, Poroshenko paid around 5% income tax, whereas the standard income tax in Ukraine is 15%. A third of his income was spent on charity, according to the official statement.

For 2014, his wealth was estimated USD 1.2 billions. Assuming his property has been reduced by half because of the economic crisis, the rate of return of his investments (including Roshen and Channel 5) was 2.6%.

Source: Official website of Petro Poroshenko