Israel Blamed by UN for Inhumane Treatment of Palestinian Children

Israel is being criticized by the United Nations Security Council for mistreating Palestinian children.

Amb David Roet addresses the UN Security Council

Amb David Roet addresses the UN Security Council, Children in Armed Conflict. (Image by Israel Mision to UN)

A 2016 Annual Report from the Secretary-General on Children and Armed Conflict [PDF] elucidates the worldwide violations against children in 2015. Other countries listed on the agenda that are accused of the same are Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Lebanon, Mali, Myanmar, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Venezuela’s UN envoy, Rafael Ramirez, stated that “Israel denies Palestinian children their status as minors, and subjects them to cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.”  Saudi Arabia and Iran, blamed for child deaths and human rights violations themselves, joined in on the criticism of Israel.


In it’s defense, Israel’s UN envoy stated that in the past 10 months of Palestinian attacks against Israel that have claimed 39 lives and wounded another 500, 47 of the attacks were carried out by Palestinian children. The attacks included 233 stabbings or attempted stabbings, 98 shootings, 46 vehicular attacks, and one bus bombing. In this same time frame, the UN report says that at least 1,735 Palestinian children were injured and 30 were killed, predominately in the West Bank.

Israel believes that Palestinian terrorist organizations exploit children by indoctrinating them with anti-Israeli views, and train them as soldiers rather than children. The Israel Mission for the UN, Amb Roet, concluded that Israel’s “commitment to the protection of children is absolute. We will remain committed to safeguard the lives of all children in accordance with our democratic values, our moral conscience, and our belief in the sanctity of human life.”

These deaths and injuries are a result of a wave of attacks starting in September 2015, dubbed the Wave of Terror, initiated by Palestine regarding the status of Temple Mount.

Alexis Henning

BA in Political Science and International Relations, Minor in Middle Eastern studies. US expat in Dublin, IE.