Feeding Mission: Eat Well to Live Well. The “CLAP”

A comment by Melanny Campos

In April of this year, the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, had the idea of lessening the food crisis we Venezuelans are currently suffering and that has worsened in the last three years since he assumed political power, by creating local Committees of Supply and Production (CLAP).

This is the new form of organization and joint project of People’s Power, the Ministry of Food, and the national government for every house distribution of basic necessity products winch are scarce and regulated. Maduro said “This is the beginning of a new production way, and the first steps announce the success of this new way.”

The odd thing is that the national television commercials illustrate CLAP with large food bags, filled with many foods, and in reality, it has only come to some communities, and in very small amounts in April and July of this year. Imagine if we were waiting for the CLAP bags to feed our families!

Those in charge of food distribution, charge the cost of products a few days before, and those that cant pay wont get the bag, and the bag in which the products come is also charged. Families living in remote villages must cancel the cost of transportation for the food in advance; It seems that food in Venezuela is a sin for which we pay penance.

The government, through the Vice President of the Territorial Socialism, Isis Ochoa, reported that CLAP will be responsible for distributing three million kits of school uniforms to 30% of the student population of public education for the new school year. Lets imagine how this will turn out with the experience we have already had with the food distribution CLAP.

Melanny Campos lives in Caracas, Venezuela