Sitting on two Chairs – Accumulation of Offices in Serbian Government

The Serbian Government is constantly promising the elimination of duplicate functions, but, five officials will again have more than one function over the next four years.

Serbian Government

Serbian Parliament (Image by Boris Dimitrov/CC BY-SA 3.0)

Novica Tončev, who was already a Republican delegate, gained votes to continue his function as the mayor of Surdulica. Dragana Kolarić, the President of the Agency for Fight Against Corruption, will also be the new Acting Director of the Police Academy in Belgrade.

Also, the magistrate Nenad Jovanović will be a member of the Security Council of the Municipality of Majdanpek. Marko Janković, a member of the Republic Electoral Commission, has been voted as the secretary of the municipality of Zemun. His colleague Djula Ladocki will also have a job as Secretary of the Municipality of Subotica .

The final decision on their double functions has been approved by the Agency for the Fight Against Corruption; the President of the Board of that agency is Dragana Kolarić, who also aims to double her function.

Serbian Government – Public Reaction

Zlatko Minić of “Transparency Serbia “ claims that by law, an official can only perform one public function. He also added that the phenomenon of “sitting on two chairs” is increasingly viewed through the skepticism of whether an officer will give their maximum in both places, but not through how much those functions are paid.

“Often one of those functions suffer,” Minic says.

The movement “Enough!” (Dosta je Bilo!), also had a statement to make against this function give away: “The majority, led by progressives, refused the proposal of Branka Stamenkovic, the representative of “Enough!”, to discontinue the practice of accumulating functions that open the door to corruption, and bringing unqualified party members to important positions.”

by ArmedPolitics News Desk