Dacic : Serbia and Croatia are ready to resolve mutual issues

BELGRADE, Serbia — “After a long time in Serbia and Croatia, a concrete political will to initiate and intensify dialogue has been accumulated,” says minister of foreign affairs, Ivica Dacic. At the marking of the anniversary of the founding of the Democratic Alliance of Croats in Vojvodina, Ivica Dacic, where he was with the head of Croatian diplomacy, Miro Kovac, said that Belgrade respects the “strong and lasting relationships” of the Croatian minority in Serbia, with their motherland.

Ivica Dacic - Serbia and Croatia Declaration on improving relations

“It is respectful that Croatian communities in Serbia successfully articulate their political goals and preserve their identity, culture, traditions, and faith,” said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“More talk is needed in the overall relations between Serbs and Croats. More meetings, as well as understanding the problems of minorities living in both countries.” He added, “The lack of contact, dialogue and meetings at the highest level contributes to a one-sided picture, which is due to lack of information on concrete facts still constructed exclusively in a negative context.” He also mentioned, “This is destructive and does not contribute to the desired objectives of either side.”

Serbia and Croatia – The Declaration on improving relations

Dacic expressed hope that the implementation of the Declaration on improving relations, which was signed in Subotica, by the Prime Minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, and Croatian President Kolinda Grabar. It is hoped that this will contribute to achieving the full protection of the Croatian minority in Serbia, and the Serbian minority in Croatia.

“Improving the political, social and cultural situation of the Croatian minority in Serbia is closely associated with positive changes in relations between all countries,” Dacic said, adding that it will contribute to the intensification of political dialogue between the two sides, and to quickly agree regarding specific problems that are focused on the minority community in Serbia and Croatia.

He noted that Serbia “appreciates” the fact that Croatia has changed its mind and given consent for the opening of chapters 23 and 24, and organized technical support for Serbia through projects of the Center for Excellence Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Furthermore, Dacic expressed gratitude for the current help in the very intensive cross-border cooperation in the framework of the IPA project that the EU intended for inter-municipal cooperation and economic development.

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