The Venezuelan government will take over the Kimberly-Clark plant

After Kimberly-Clark Corp’s  announcement on Saturday, when the company’s US officials stated that their Venezuelan based personal-care factory will stop the production, the Venezuelan government released a statement saying that it will take over the factory, and provide public funds for the nearly 1000 workers.

Venezuelan government

The reason

Just a week ago, Kimberley-Clark, the main diaper and face tissue manufacturer and supplier for the South American market, announced that the production in their Venezuelan factory will be stopped. “This has to be done due to hyper inflation, currency issues, and the lack of necessary raw materials,” the company officials stated in their announcement.

The Venezuelan government reaction

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, stated that “Kimberly-Clark is a part of the international plan, and the new imperialist inquisition of Barack Obama. Their plan is to destroy the Venezuelan economy.”  He also said that US Citibank notified the government that they will close Venezuela’s central bank accounts in 30 days, and that they are a part of the anti-Venezuelan plot. Citibank was in charge of some of the Venezuela’s international transactions.

Owaldo Vera, labor minister of Venezuela, stated: “The production of Kimberly-Clark will start again very soon, and there will be diapers and face tissues for every Venezuelan”. He also said that the Venezuelan government will take over the Kimberly-Clark plant, and that this is the wish of the workers from that plant.

 The conclusion

“If the Venezuelan government takes over our factory and production, it will directly be responsible for machines and equipment, physical assets, and for the workers as well,” stated the officials of Kimberly-Clark Corp. They also said that the suspension of the operations were unavoidable, considering the current state in Venezuela.

Kimberly-Clark is not the only US company that had to stop its production in Venezuelan based factories; Procter & Gamble, General Mills, Bridgestone, and other multinational corporations were forced to stop their operations as well.

Ana Vugrinec

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