Tory Leadership: Leadsom apologizes for motherhood remark

Conservative Party leadership contender, Andrea Leadsom has apologized to rival, Theresa May for suggesting that being a mother made her a better candidate for Prime Minister.

(L-R) Front-runner, Theresa May and controversial Andrea Leadsom. Source: Wikimedia

(L-R) Front-runner, Theresa May and controversial Andrea Leadsom. (Image by UK Home Office CC-BY 2.0)

Reported in the Times, Leadsom said, “I don’t know Theresa really well, but I’m sure she will be really sad that she doesn’t have children.”

“She possible has nieces nephews, lots of people. But I have children who are going to have children who will directly be a part of what happens next,” she continued.

Energy Minister, Andrea Leadsom claimed that the Times had taken her comments out of context and asked that the newspaper retract the article – which made Saturday’s front page. The paper responded by releasing the audio recording of the interview.

Speaking to the Telegraph yesterday, Leadsom said that she had apologized to Home Secretary, Theresa May for the comments, “I’ve already said to Theresa how very sorry I am for any hurt I have caused and how that article said completely the opposite of what I said and believe.”

Reports say that Theresa May was “grateful” for the apology though it would seem that Andrea Leadsom has been shaken by the backlash from both the press and members of her party. Leadsom has faced calls by senior Tory MPs to step aside in the leadership race due to her lack of experience.

Business Minister, Anna Sourby tweeted:

It is reported that if Andrea Leadsom was to win the leadership contest, some 20 Conservative MPs are ready to form a breakaway party as a result.

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