Serbia: Right-wing party proposed genocide resolution condemning crimes of the Independent state of Croatia

Officials of the DSS (Democratic Party of Serbia) announced on Tuesday that their MPs submitted a genocide resolution, condemning genocide against Serbs, Jews and Roma committed by the Independent State of Croatia – a Nazi-puppet state that was established during World War II.

The National Assembly of Serbia (via wikipedia)

The National Assembly of Serbia (via wikipedia)

The President of DSS, Sanda Rašković Ivić stated that the proposed resolution is not a response to any other resolutions but “it’s a debt towards the victims and historical facts”.

Rašković Ivić explained that the text of the proposed resolution states that crimes committed against Serbs, Jews and Roma in Independent State of Croatia are “a planned and premeditated genocide as defined by the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment the Crime of Genocide”.

The Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) is a right-wing demochristian party, which is accused by many of being a part of the Serbian political far-right. The DSS describes itself as Eurosceptic despite the many allegation for “anti-EU” sentiment within the party. On the last early election DSS won 5 % of the vote, barely passing the election census.

DSS officials noted that the proposed resolution doesn’t target today’s country of Croatia. “But without settling the past there can’t be any looking into the future or reconciliation with the neighbors”, they added.

The resolution comes after another genocide resolution proposed by Liberal Democratic Party and against the background of severe tensions between Croatia and Serbia due to EU accession talks blockade.

Recently, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), an opposition left-wing party, joined by a few regional and ethnic minority parties submitted a proposal for the Srebrenica genocide resolution to the People’s Assembly of Serbia (parliament), which condemns genocide against Bosnian Muslims in 1995, committed by the Army of Republic of Srpska.

The Srebrenica Genocide resolution was proposed by the LDP just 11 days before the 11th of July – Srebrenica Genocide Memorial Day.

by ArmedPolitics news desk