12 Islamic State fighters killed in Afghanistan

QUETTA,  Pakistan — The office of the Nangarhar governor confirmed the death of 12 Islamic State fighters killed by US drone strikes in the Kot district of the province.

TOLONews, an Afghan private news organization, quoted Attaullah Khugyani, the official spokesperson of the Nangarhar governors office.

Drone in the sky [Photo from the video of documentaries news]

Drone in the sky [Photo from the video of documentaries news]

Kot is the hot bed of the Daesh (Islamic State) fighters, who are in the areas of Nangarhar which is adjacent to Pakistan.

The death of the IS fighters is reported on the very day of “Eid”, as Muslims around the world are celebrating the day.

A source from the area who asked anonymity told ArmedPolitics, “The death would have taken place as a result of the congregations and gatherings on Eid day”.

The source confirmed that US drones find their targets “every day with continuity” in Nangahar province’s far flung areas where both “Daesh [Islamic State] and Taliban fighters are targeted”.

The operation of Afghan National Security Forces and US drone strikes have resulted in higher casualties on both Islamic State and Taliban side since the launch of operations around Afghanistan.

The Taliban claimed the bomb attack on police vehicles that killed at least 30 cadets and wounded more than 50 others who were on their way from graduation ceremony in Wardak province training academy. Earlier, the Nangarhar governors office had confirmed the death of 139 Islamic State fighters around the province in different operations.

IS AfPak chapter

Most of the Islamic State fighters are the former Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan commanders, and members who joined the Islamic State after the organization rose to fame around the religious hard-line groups and absence of Al-Qaeda activities in the region.

The IS AfPak chapter is led by the previous Tehreek e Taliban Orkazai chapter Chief, Saeed Khan Orakzai.

The Afghan Taliban commanders who agitated the longer absence of the then Taliban “emir of the faithful”, Mullah Muhammad Omer, had also announced allegiance to the Islamic State Chief Al-Baghdadi.


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