4 police personnel killed in Balochistan

QUETTA,  Pakistan — Gunmen firing on police killed four officers in two separate attacks in the city, the banned religious organization Tehreek e Taliban claimed responsibility of the attack.

In the first attack, two policemen named Faizullah Khajjak and Naeem Akhtar were targeted on Sariab road when they were arriving in the city. In a second attack shortly after the first, police official Javed Buzdar escaped when gunmen on motorcyclse fired on his police patrolling vehicle, killing his driver Muhammad Ali, and guard Ayub.

Frontier Corps security personel in the outskirts of Balochistan [Photo by Frontier Corps Balochistan]

Frontier Corps security personnel in the outskirts of Balochistan [Photo by Frontier Corps Balochistan]

The deceased had injuries on the upper areas of their body, said a source from the hospital where their bodies were taken for medical report.

Tehreek e Taliban of Pakistan claimed responsibility of the attack on police in Quetta; “Taliban’s sharp shooters targeted four policemen in Shalkot and Sariab road”, claimed Muhammad Khurasani, a TTP spokesman in a statement released to the media.

“These barbaric attacks are killing innocents. My cousin was on duty, providing security to the common people when he was shot dead in Quetta,” Noor Ahmed Shah Khajak, one of the relatives of the murdered policeman Faizullah Khajjak, told ArmedPolitics via telephone. “We ask the government to arrest the culprits so that no other family faces such loss of loved ones”.

The elected member of provincial assembly, Abdul Majeed Khan Achakzai, told ArmedPolitics that he strongly condemns the attack on police. “Such attacks are guaranteed to make the law and order situation worse in the provincial capital of Balochistan, and we strongly condemn these attacks on law enforcing agencies and civilians”.

Balochistan is faced with both Baloch nationalist insurgencies and religious militancy.

Balochistan is a Pakistani province that is having an insurgency movement that has escalated for last decade, resulting in the deaths of many, both from the state side and the nationalists’ armed groups’ that are active around the province. The province also shares borders with Iran; this makes the capital of the province and the route to Iran a dangerous zone for the Shiite Muslims, especially the Hazaras who are a minority in the provincial capital.

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