LIVE: EU Referendum Results

United Kingdom – The latest developments as the votes are counted for the historic EU Referendum.

EU Flag: Creative Commons

EU Flag: Creative Commons


The pound falls to levels not seen in over three decades following the announcement that the UK will vote to LEAVE the European Union.

The forecast for the final result is 52% Leave, 48% Remain, the opposite of what pollsters had predicted last night.

Scotland voted exclusively to REMAIN part of the EU. First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon said in response to the result that “the people of Scotland see their future as part of the European Union” with the nation voting 67.3% of Scottish voters backing Remain.

This leads many to suspect another independence referendum is on the cards for Scotland.

With all votes counted in Wales, there has been a narrow victory for Leave and a Leave vote is expected for England. Northern Ireland seem to be voting in favour of Remain so far with some votes yet to be announced.

Gwynedd and Croydon vote REMAIN

Gwynedd goes against the trend followed by the rest of Wales

Hinckley & Bosworth, Gedling, South Derbyshire and Kingston upon Hull vote LEAVE

Kingston upon Hull voted 67.6% in favour of Brexit.

Dumfries & Galloway follow Scottish trend

The southern region voted 53.1% in favour of Remain.

More vote for Brexit

Wyre, Southampton, Kirklees, Stafford, Calderdale and Luton.

Chiltern, Enfield, Camden and Wokingham vote REMAIN

Camden voted 74.9% in favour.

Nationwide turnout of 72%

The argest turnout in the UK since 1992.

LEAVE lead by over 700,000 votes

Sandwell and Selby vote LEAVE, Stockport and Wycombe vote REMAIN

Sandwell, on the outskirts of Birmingham, votes as expected with England’s second-largest city is poised to vote for a Brexit.

Trafford votes to REMAIN

Trafford follows Manchester in a vote to stay in the EU. The same cannot be said for Salford.

East Hampshire, West Berkshire and Fermanagh & South Tyron vote REMAIN

Bassetlaw, North Lincolnshire and Thanet give strong push for REMAIN

Leave votes in the regions range from 63-68% of the vote.

West Oxfordshire votes to REMAIN and Lancaster votes to LEAVE

Leave now lead by nearly 600,000 votes.

Vote LEAVE expected to win

South Holland, Newark and Sherwood, Swale, Blackburn with Darwen, Plymouth, Salford and Hambleton strengthen a vote for Brexit.

Bath & North East Somerset vote REMAIN

More vote to LEAVE

Gravesham, Chesterfield, Daventry, North Norfolk, Rutland, High Peak and Huntingdonshire.

South Cambridgeshire, Warwick, South Oxfordshire, Sefton and Tunbridge Wells vote REMAIN

North Devon, Chichester and Sutton vote LEAVE.

LEAVE landslide in Mansfield

70% in favour of a ‘Brexit’

Strong votes for REMAIN in Bristol, Tower Hamlets and Cambridge

73.8% of vote in Cambridge were in favour of Remain.

Votes mount up for LEAVE

Broxtowe, Dover, Preston, Derbyshire Dales, Dartford, Fenland and Charwood.

Cardiff votes REMAIN

The Welsh capital goes in the opposite direction from the rest of the country with a strong vote to Remain.

Portsmouth, South Staffordshire, Teignbridge vote LEAVE

Narrow victory for REMAIN in Lewes and Harrogate

Bedford, Copeland, Poole, St Edmundsbury, Torfaen, Test Valley and Three Rivers vote LEAVE

Strong REMAIN vote in Manchester

60.4% vote in favour of Remain.

Slough and Bexley vote LEAVE

Bexley votes 63% in favour of Leave

Argyll & Bute vote 60.6% in favour of REMAIN

The Cotswolds, Hackney, Kensington & Chelsea, Hounslow and South Hams vote REMAIN

Yet more London boroughs vote in favour of remaining part of the European Union.

Tendring and Eastleigh vote LEAVE

Bournemouth and Chorley vote LEAVE

Mid Ulster, Rushcliffe, South Down, Vale of White Horse and Reading vote REMAIN

Leave’s lead narrows slightly.

Norwich and Waltham Forest vote REMAIN

Epsom & Ewell vote REMAIN

LEAVE lead by over half a million results

South Norfolk, Durham, Powys, Hastings, Ipswich, Ryedale and Reigate & Banstead vote to Leave.

More vote LEAVE

North Kesteven, Walsall, Barnsley, Canterbury, Doncaster, East Staffordshire, Rossendale and Bolton.

Landslide for REMAIN in the City of Edinburgh

The Scottish capital follows the will of the nation with 74.4% of the vote going to a Remain vote.

Hart and North Hertfordshire vote REMAIN, Purbeck, Tameside, Epping Forest, Mid Devon and Chelmsford vote LEAVE

Welwyn Hatfield, Bromsgrove and East Riding of Yorkshire vote LEAVE

Overall, Leave are doing much better than expected. Predictions for a Remain win from earlier this evening seem to have halted.

Ealing and the Highlands vote REMAIN

Once again London and Scotland vote to IN.

Woking votes to REMAIN

A somewhat unexpected result considering the trend in the South East of England. Remain received 56.2% of the vote.

Sheffield and New Forest vote LEAVE

More areas vote LEAVE

Ashford, Colchester, Stratford-on-Avon, Thurrock, Barrow-in-Furness, Shepway, Great Yarmouth and Monmouthshire.

Rushmoor, Sevenoaks, Wolverhampton and Litchfield vote Leave

Leave currently lead by nearly 300,00 votes.

Gateshead votes to LEAVE

The North East of England proves to be profoundly Eurosceptic.

Milton Keynes and Crawley vote LEAVE, Wirral and Fife vote REMAIN

Halton votes to LEAVE, Haringey vote to REMAIN

Remain win with a vote of 75.6% in Haringey.

The Vale of Glamorgan votes REMAIN

Neath Port Talbot, Coventry and Scarborough vote LEAVE

Swathes of regions vote LEAVE

Carmarthenshire, South Lakeland, Erewash, Pembrokeshire, Fylde, Darlington, South Ribble, Rochdale, Worcester and Boston.

Telford & Wrekin, Oadby & Wigston and South Somerset vote LEAVE

Leave lead by 150,461 votes.

Merton and East Londonderry vote REMAIN

Bridgend and Upper Bann vote LEAVE

Tandridge, Eastbourne, Runnymede, Oldham and Redditch vote LEAVE

Massive victory for REMAIN in Westminster

69% vote in favour of staying in the European Union.

South Antrim, East Antrim and Rother vote LEAVE

Carlisle, West Devon, Gloucester and Maidstone vote LEAVE and Richmond upon Thames sees massive victory for REMAIN

Leave wins Richmond up Thames with 69.3% of the vote.

The Remain vote is thought to have been hindered following “monsoon-like” rain in the region, lowering voter turnout.

Havant, North Dorset and West Somerset vote LEAVE

The Leave campaign lead by 16,996 votes

St Albans votes to REMAIN

Remain win the region with 62.7 % of the vote.

Castle Point and Cannock Chase vote LEAVE

Castle Point reportedly has the largest number of native speakers in the whole country.

West Dorset, Isle of Wight, Richmondshire and Surrey Heath vote LEAVE

Liverpool and Islington vote REMAIN

Ribble Valley, Lincoln, Rugby and Wyre Forest vote LEAVE

Malvern Hills, Hertsmere and Ceredigion vote LEAVE

Allerdale, Rhondda Cynon Taf and North West Leicestershire vote LEAVE

Leave once again take the lead by 32,661 votes

North Lanarkshire vote REMAIN

North East Lincolnshire, Peterborough, Watford and Wigan vote LEAVE.

A wash of results have come in fast for both Leave and Remain. Remain still lead thanks to votes in Scotland and the London boroughs.

Stroud vote to REMAIN

Corby, Nuneaton & Bedworth and Uttlesford vote LEAVE

Perth & Kinross and Moray vote REMAIN

Both areas are in Scotland

Hammersmith & Fulham vote to REMAIN

The London boroughs are said to be a major player for Remain.

South Lanarkshire vote REMAIN

Scotland proves to be resoundingly pro-EU.

Hyndburn, Blackpool, Craven and Pendle vote LEAVE

South Bucks and Gosport vote to LEAVE the European Union

Belfast South and Belfast North vote REMAIN

Overall, Northern Ireland’s capital votes in favour of Remain.

Barking & Dagenham and Wrexham vote to LEAVE whereas North Ayrshire and East Lothian

First of the London boroughs to vote Leave.

Wandsworth votes REMAIN

Tamworth, Cowny, Torbay, Caerphilly and Belfast East vote to LEAVE

Newport, Bracknell Forest and Burnley vote to LEAVE

Wales following the opposite trend to Scotland with no region yet to vote Remain.

Falkirk vote REMAIN

Stevenage vote LEAVE

Glasgow vote to REMAIN

Remain have taken back the lead by 52,787 votes.

Stirling, Exeter, Lambeth, Oxford and South Ayrshire vote to REMAIN

Leave still lead by 0.6%. As predicted the vote is virtually neck and neck.

Fareham and Isle of Anglesey vote LEAVE

It would seem that the Remain campaign anxiously awaits Scotland’s vote as an area is yet to vote Leave.

North Warwickshire votes to LEAVE the European Union

Angus votes to REMAIN and St Helens votes to LEAVE

Leave lead by 137,803 votes as both sides exceed the million mark.

Denbighshire votes to LEAVE

West Lothian votes to REMAIN

Scotland said to hold the balance though the SNP have been criticised for low turnouts.

East Renfrewshire vote to REMAIN part of the European Union

Eden and Redcar & Cleveland vote to LEAVE the European Union

Harlow vote to LEAVE the European Union

North Down votes to REMAIN part of the European Union

Belfast West votes to REMAIN part of the European Union

A landslide in Northern Ireland’s capital of 74.1% in favour.

Bury votes to LEAVE the European Union

Swansea votes to LEAVE the European Union

Wellingborough votes to LEAVE the European Union

Flintshire, Brentwood and Southend on Sea vote to LEAVE the European Union

 City of London vote to REMAIN part of the European Union

Blaenau Gwent vote to LEAVE the European Union

Weymouth and Portland vote to LEAVE the European Union

Inverclyde vote to REMAIN part of the European Union

Middlesborough vote to LEAVE the European Union

Strangford vote to LEAVE the European Union

Renfrewshire vote to REMAIN part of the European Union

Former First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond predicts all of Scotland will vote to Remain.

Rochford vote to LEAVE the European Union

Basildon vote to LEAVE the European Union

The Leave vote starts to pull away with an increasing lead.

Stockton on Tees vote to LEAVE the European Union

A trend seems to be emerging as North East England votes predominantly to Leave.

Merthyr Tydfil vote to the LEAVE the European Union

The first Welsh vote follows suit and votes Out.

Midothian vote to Remain part of the European Union

Scotland exclusively votes to Remain so far.

Hartlepool vote to LEAVE the European Union

A landslide of 69.8% in favour of an Out vote.

East Ayrshire vote to REMAIN part of the European Union

Eilean Siar vote to REMAIN part of the European Union

The vote narrows Leave’s lead.

West Tyrone vote to REMAIN part of the European Union

North Antrim vote to LEAVE the European Union

Lagan Valley vote to LEAVE the European Union

Dundee vote to REMAIN part of the European Union

Yet another Scottish vote to stay in the EU.

Sky News reports that Wales is likely to vote Leave despite receiving the most funding from the EU of all UK countries.

South Tyneside vote to LEAVE the European Union

The second region in the North East of England to vote to Leave.

West Dunbartonshire vote to REMAIN part of the European Union

A Scottish region is yet to vote to Leave the EU.

Shetland vote to REMAIN part of the European Union

Regardless, Leave still take the lead.

Kettering vote to LEAVE the European Union

The Leave campaign lead by 18,778 votes.

Glasgow’s turnout is surprisingly low compared to the turnout for the Scottish Referendum in 2014. Average turnout for the Scottish Referendum was 84.6%.

Broxbourne vote to LEAVE the European Union

The result puts Leave back in the lead.

Swindon vote to LEAVE the European Union

A vote of 55% to 45% was not enough to knock Leave back in the lead.

Isle of Scilly vote to REMAIN part of the European Union

One of the smallest voting areas in the vote with only 1,424 votes counted.

Foyle vote to REMAIN part of the European Union

78% of the votes go to the Remain putting them back in the lead by 19,952 votes overall.

The nation would seem more divided on whether or not the UK should leave the European Union than it first seemed. Talking to the Press Association, an unnamed Labour official said,

“There has been a strong turnout, higher than the General Election in many areas. Early indications showing more divergence than we expected – bigger leads than expected for Remain in likely Remain areas but also bigger leads for Leave in likely Leave areas.”

Following Sunderland’s vote to Leave the European Union, the pound has dropped significantly with only 5 out of 382 results declared.

The Leave campaign lead the vote by 3,207 votes following Sunderland’s vote.

Sunderland vote to LEAVE the European Union

As predicted, Sunderland votes to Leave the European Union.

Clackmannanshire vote to REMAIN part of the European Union

Orkney Islands vote to REMAIN part of the European Union

A landslide for Remain winning 63% of the vote

Newcastle upon Tyne votes to REMAIN part of the European Union

Newcastle upon Tyne shock pollsters with a narrow win for Remain – a much tighter result than expected.

The last opinion polls taken before the result show a narrow victory for Remain. YouGov reports a 52% to 48% victory for the Remain campaign where as Ipsos-Mori predicts a result of 54% to 46%.

Gibralter votes to REMAIN part of the European Union.

As to be expected, Gibralter has voted to stay in the EU with only 823 voting against.

The results from Gibralter is expected to be announced in the next ten minutes.

Nigel Farage, leader of the eurosceptic political party UKIP, has told Sky News that Remain are likely to have won the referendum.

He said, “It’s been an extraordinary referendum campaign, turnout looks to be exceptionally high and looks like Remain will edge it.” although he is adamant that UKIP will “continue to grow” despite a win for Remain.

Voter turnout at the counting centre in Kettering, Northamptonshire is at a record high. Postal votes show a turnout of 88.8% for the East Midlands region overall.

Former YouGov president, Peter Kellner, says that Remain will have a lead of around 8.5% if polls are correct.

“Let’s assume the polls haven’t screwed up completely, and the true eve-of-referendum position, including Gibraltar and expatriate voters, was Remain 51.2-55.3%, Leave 44.7-48.8%. Adding in on-the day effects that hover between neutral and a 2 point lift for Remain, the final UK result should be somewhere in the range of Remain 51.2-57.3%, Leave 42.7-48.8%

This gives us  a mid-point prediction of an 8.5% lead for remain, or a majority of around 2.5 million of votes cast. But don’t be surprised if the gap is less than one million – or as much as four million.”


84 Conservative MPs, all supporters of Vote Leave, have signed a letter showing support for David Cameron remaining Prime Minister regardless of the referendum result.



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