Maduro stated that recall referendum will maybe happen next year

As the local Venezuelan, as well as other world media reported, Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan president  has once again pushed back the increasing opposition pressure against him and their attempts for a vote in 2016. He has stated that the earliest possibility of a potential recall referendum against his presidential mandate might happen next year.


Image: Jeso Carneiro (CC BY-NC 2.0)

In the case Maduro, who comes from a socialist party, lost the recall referendum this year, automatically, there would be a new presidential election. However, if the Maduro loses the recall referendum in 2017, he would be replaced by his vice president and the new presidential election will not be held.

On Saturday, Maduro stated on national television: “There will be no blackmailing here. If the recall referendum’s requirements are met, it will be next year and that’s it.” He also added that there will be no referendum if there are no requirements for it.

President Maduro, due to a rough recession, the extremely high inflation, as well as lack of food and basic life items, had received some hard criticism. And, his ’s opponents from his party say that a subordinate election board is trying to buy time and prolong the happening of the referendum to recall his presidential mandate.

However, there has been a small success for the opposition and their efforts to replace Maduro. Namely, on Friday, the election board stated that they will start with a process of validating the signatures of the citizens who want the referendum to happen. This is one of the necessary requirements for a vote.

The opinion of the opposition leaders is that a referendum has to happen, in order to prevent the spilling of the public anger, caused by the economic crisis in Venezuela.

Ana Vugrinec

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