Pro-government groups attacked Venezuelan opposition leaders

On Thursday, while they were trying to enter the electoral board headquarters, the Venezuelan opposition lawmakers were attacked. They claim that their attackers were members of the pro-government group known as “Colectivos”. Members of the opposition were on their way to call for a recall referendum against the President Nicolás Maduro.

Julio Borges, the leader of the national assembly majority, claims that on Thursday, 10 lawmakers were on their way to enter the electoral board headquarters, with an intention to call for speeding up the verification of signatures for the referendum, done by the agency. In his further statement, Borges claims that a General of the national guard ordered his units in the building to push the opposition lawmakers back, into the militant pro-government groups known as “colectivos”. He added: “The colectivos acted freely without the police trying to stop them, they were wearing motorcycle helmets, carrying stones, pipes, and explosive artifacts, and used them on us”.

The Venezuelan ministry of information didn’t respond to press agencies calls for comment.

However, the President Maduro stated that the opposition is trying to make a political turnover and creating riots with the US behind their back, and that there is no time this year to organize the referendum.

On the other hand, the opposition claims that the government is the one that is bringing the violence on the streets, with their increasingly violent military and militants. As a proof of that, they remind the people of Venezuela of the recent attack on the opposition leader, Henrique Capriles, when he was pepper-sprayed in the face by a security official, during a peaceful protest.

The opposition leaders also remind the people that the timing is crucial because Maduro has to lose the referendum in 2016 so that the new presidential election can be held. If not, his vice-president will take over in 2017.

Furthermore, on the same day in Caracas, large groups of protesting students Caracas had a fight with authorities, but the riots were contained.
During the protests, the students were shouting that they do not represent any political party and that they are here in the name of the people of Venezuela, the people who are hungry and angry.
Source: News agencies

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