Venezuela: Government “negotiates” with the opposition

A secret meeting has been held between former world leaders, Venezuelan government officials, and opposition leaders in an attempt to avoid a political standoff.

A Venezuelan government oppositional leader has confirmed that during the secret meetings in the Dominican Republic last week, a group of ex-world leaders tried to negotiate with Venezuelan government officials and their opponents, in an attempt to avoid a political standoff in the South American nation.

Last Saturday, the executive secretary of the opposition alliance, Jesus Torrealba confirmed that the meetings took place and that they were initiated by UNASUR, (the Union of South American Nations). However, Torrealba also said that the two sides never talked face-to-face. Instead, they exchanged messages through the former world leaders.

Due to a tumbling socialist economic regime, as well as low oil prices, the OPEC nation has been gripped by a hard recession. After the opposition took an impressive legislative majority last year, the current Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, has had problems with the Congress. He claims that the government is a victim of an “Economic War”, which is backed by the US, and led by business leaders in his country.

On the other hand, the leader of the opposition coalition, Henrique Capriles (former Presidential candidate) stated that the only way to end this situation is by voting and that the government is only trying to buy some extra time with this dialog. He also stated that the opposition leaders had a meeting with the ex-presidents, and not with the government, because there was no dialog between the two opposing sides.

Back in 2014, after months of extreme street protests against the government, leading to the deaths of 40 people, the two sides met to try in an attempt resolve the problems. Despite this, both agreed that any concrete agreements had not been reached.

Ana Vugrinec

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