UK EU Referendum: Conservative Party MPs call for Cameron to quit

With the United Kingdom fast approaching its referendum on whether or not to leave the European Union, the rift between the Prime Minister and his backbenchers continues to widen.

Less than a month until the vote and with most of the cabinet wanting to ‘remain’ part of the EU, tensions within the Conservative Party are mounting.

It is speculated that if the UK vote to Leave the EU, a call for the Prime Minister to stand down will soon follow. Sources have said that more than 50 MPs are poised to trigger a vote of no confidence in the Tory leader.

Mr Cameron has faced harsh criticism in recent days surrounding his approach to the Referendum. Cabinet minister, Priti Patel wrote in the Telegraph that leaders of the Remain campaign are too rich to understand “the devastating effect EU immigration has on ordinary people”.

Nadine Dorries, MP, stated on Peston on Sunday that the Prime Minister would be “toast within days” if Remain lose the referendum on 23rd June. With her letter already in, calling for her leader’s resignation, she confirmed that she would like to see Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London, take charge of the party.

Johnson is David Cameron’s main rival in the referendum campaign, being the leading figure in the UK’s Leave campaign.

David Cameron has today launched the Remain campaign’s “battle bus” along with Labour Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who only weeks ago the Prime Minister said shared a platform with extremists.

Onlookers are suggesting that Mr Cameron is not only fighting for Britain to remain part of the EU but now also to remain Britain’s Prime Minister.

Ava Forbes

Journalism student aspiring to become a political journalist and the co-founder of a media platform, ‘Generation:What?’, that aims to give young people a platform in politics. @Ava_Forbes @Generation_What