Dmytro Yarosh resigns as chief of Right Sector

Dmytro Yarosh stepped down from his post as leader of Right Sector (Pravyi Sektor) today. He explained the resignation with disagreements within the movement’s leadership. (Hromadske)


According to Yarosh, the trigger for the resignation were disagreements within Right Sector’s leadership. Commanders met on Nov 8 in Kiev. The purpose of the meeting was the “strategy of the movement, the attitude toward the present regime, the reorganization of structures such as political representation and volunteer battalions.” (website Right Sector)

He explains his resignation on Facebook: “Having been wounded and needing a long period of treatment, I entrusted some of the direction of the movement to my closest associates, who had and have their own view on expanding the nationalist movement. My own position does not at all coincide with the aspirations of part of the leadership… As leader, I bear personal responsibility for everything that is happening in the organization, and I don’t intend to shift it onto others. This is precisely why I can not be the star presence in Pravyi Sektor. Therefore I have to decline the invitation to head the proposed leadership conference and am giving up my powers as the leader of the Pravyi Sektor national liberation movement, remaining a nationalist, a supporter of the state and a revolutionary.” (translation by Interpretermag)

The step is a surprise. Like snow in summer. For many of his followers he is the personification of the movement. The next days will show whether Right Sector will start to tear itself apart or whether this is kind of a tactical maneuver of Yarosh in oder to silent internal opposition. Yarosh’s seems to be radical since is questioning the legitimacy of the government openly, but his internal opposition is more radical in this respect. (edited: 20:00 UTC)