Intentions of Ukrainians to emigrate or to work abroad – Google Trends

Masses of Ukrainians emigrated to Russia and Eastern Europe, especially Poland. To what degree Ukrainians intend to leave their country today? How dynamics change over time? What are regional differences and where do people want to go? Data which Google is collecting might give indications on these issues.

Google Trends shows what people google. The search volume index indicates the popularity of keywords relative to each other.[1] The way someone uses the Internet does not allow to conclude on the individual’s behavior, plans, opinions or political affiliation. On a aggregated level such data help to figure out trends in society.

Time series show the search interest related to emigration and working abroad. Time range is the last two years until now (almost real-time), limited on Google searches from Ukraine (including Crimea). Differences in languages and regions are shown in maps.

keywords related to migration and working abroad:
emigration (Ukrainian: еміграція)
emigration (Russian: эмиграция)
work in Russia (Russian: работа в россии)
work in Poland (Ukrainian: робота в польщі)
work in Poland (Russian: работа в польше)

[1] search volume index: The numbers that appear show total searches for a term relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time. A line trending downward means that a search term’s relative popularity is decreasing. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the total number of searches for that term is decreasing. It just means its popularity is decreasing compared to other searches.